Host family

Peace of mind, joy, simplicity and mercy in everything.
(Brother Roger, Prayers for each day)

Accommodates at least two young pilgrims in their home during the period 28.12.2024 ̶ 01.01.2025. At least 2 m2 of free space per person is required for accommodation. Young pilgrims come with their own sleeping mat and bag. Having a bed, couch, mattress or pull-out sofa is not essential. It is important to open the door and heart to the guest.

If possible, offers accommodation for volunteers arriving from 26.12.2024.

Offers four breakfasts (29.12.2024 ̶ 01.01.2025) and one lunch (01.01.2025) for young pilgrims.

Register your request to accommodate young guests (aged 18-35) at your home parish or the nearest parish. Accommodation can be provided by at least two adults, not a single person.

Participates in the information sessions organized by the congregation in November/December, where the program and rules of the event are introduced and families and congregations get to know each other.

Takes into account the religious background and beliefs of young people.

Ensures safe accommodation for young people and access to living in the evening after evening prayer. Young people spend most of their day in Tallinn for prayer, discussion groups, and workshops, so there is no need for entertainment during this time.